Trying to make a difference one person at a time. Treating people with the Care, Grace and Love of Jesus.
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Helping our community as the Hands and Feet of Jesus


Welcome to

Monson Community Church


The Church 4 All People 
-South Bend-


Monson Community Church

meets at 8 Am on Sunday Mornings at the Monson Chapel. We celebrate a liturgical service with prayer and Holy Communion.



                   The Church 4 All People -South Bend-

Meets each Sunday at 11:11 AM.

We Offer Family Styled Worship and Celebration with an Interactive Approach.

We meet at The Keith Giden Community Center on Western Ave. Located in the Centre West -at the east end of the Martin's - Shopping Center.

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 Our Core Values:

 *All people are loved by God just the way they are.

 *All people are welcome.

 *All people desire inclusive community.

 *All people desire relevant worship.

 *All people seek hope and healing.

 *All people have within themselves the God-given    power to    improve their lives.

 *All people have gifts to give and a desire to serve.

 *All people desire affirmation.

 *All people are capable of being transformed by  God, in and through Jesus Christ.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to talk.


Monson Westside Ministries, Inc.

Monson Community Church

The Church 4 All People-South Bend

4319 West Western Ave.

South Bend, IN 46619

Pastor Tim Aydelotte  

Cell:574-850-7053 or

Mailing address:  PO Box 1474, Granger, IN 46530








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